Report 23

Ministers Prayer Fellowship (MPF) Report

Our 23rd MPF was held on Saturday October 26, 2019, 11:00 AM at the Atlanta Church of God.

The following Pastors and their Spouses were Present
1. Pastor John Cherian
2. Pastor C V Andrews
3. Pastor Alexander Thomas
4. Pastor John Billa
5. Pastor V P Jose
6. Pastor Sanjeev Katikala
7. Pastor Gulshan Rai
8. Pastor Collins Chacko

1. Ministers Prayer Fellowship opened with prayer at 11:06 AM

2. Time of prayer/worship.

3. Read Psalm 120 & 121 and there was an individual prayer time.

4. There was a general discussion time. Last MPF report Presented.

5. Pastor John Cherian gave the message based on Nehemiah 4:19. Pastor John Cherian encouraged senior pastors to raise and train youth and others for the ministry.

6. Next MPF planned for Saturday March 28, 2020, 11:00 AM at the International Church, Atlanta

7. There was an announcement time

8. Ministers Prayer Fellowship concluded with the prayer of Pastor John Billa and benediction by Pastor C V Andrews at 12:50 PM

9. Fellowship lunch was provided by Pastor C V Andrews.

10. Pray for all these pastors their spouses and their children in your daily prayers.

Grace & Peace
Alexander Thomas