Report 19

Ministers Prayer Fellowship (MPF) Report

Was held on Saturday January 27, 2018, 11:00 AM at the Atlanta Christian Assembly.

The following Pastors and their Spouses were Present
1. Pastor John Cherian
2. Pastor C V Andrews
3. Pastor Alexander Thomas
4. Pastor Younis Farhat
5. Pastor George V Thomas
6. Pastor Cibi Thomas
7. Pastor Balaji Fraser
8. Pastor Saji Baby (West Bengal, India)
9. Pastor Sanjeev Katikala
10. Pastor G. Samuel

1. Ministers Prayer Fellowship opened with prayer by Pastor George V Thomas at 11:05 AM

2. Pastor Sanjeev led the fellowship in prayer/worship.

3. There was an individual prayer time.

4. Pastor Alexander Thomas led the fellowship in reading Psalm 30.

5. There was a general discussion time, pastors shared about their ministry experiences and praise reports.

6. Pastor Saji Baby from West Bengal, India gave the message based on how to live and serve God in faith. Pastor Cibi Thomas Translated the message.

7. Next MPF planned for Saturday June 30, 2018, 11:00 AM at the International Church, Atlanta were Pastor Alexander Thomas is the pastor.

8. Ministers Prayer Fellowship concluded with the prayer and benediction by Pastor C V Andrews at 12:50 PM

9. A group picture was taken

10. Fellowship lunch was provided by Pastor John Cherian. During the fellowship time Pastors and their Spouses shared their ministry experiences with each other.

11. Pray for all these Pastors their spouses and their children in your daily prayers.

Grace & Peace
Alexander Thomas