Report 12

Ministers Prayer Fellowship (MPF) Report

Was held on Saturday April 30, 2016, 11:00 AM at the Atlanta IPC, Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The following Pastors and their Spouses were Present
1. Pastor John Cherian
2. Pastor Alexander Thomas
3. Pastor V P Jose
4. Pastor George V Thomas
5. Pastor Abraham Varghease
6. Pastor Thompson Samuel
7. Pastor Reji Samuel
8. Pastor Sanjeev Katikala
9. Pastor George Mathew
10. Pastor John Billa

1. Ministers Prayer Fellowship opened with prayer and introduction by Pastor Thompson Samuel

2. Pastor Thompson Samuel led the fellowship in prayer/Psalms reading/worship.

3. Pastor Thompson gave a brief message.

4. There was an individual prayer time.

5. There was a general discussion time, pastors shared about their ministry experiences, praise reports, encouragements and wisdom.

6. Ministers Prayer Fellowship decided to recognize and to honor two widows among us who served the Lord along with their late husbands a very long time. Pastor Thompson Samuel agreed to coordinate that ministry.

7. Dr Saji Philip (Cardiologist, St Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Center, Parumala Kerala) was the guest Speaker. He spoke about the ministry of Tears and Prayer.

8. Next MPF planned for Saturday July 30, 2016, 11:00 AM at the International Church, were Pastor Alexander Thomas is the pastor.

9. Ministers Prayer Fellowship concluded with the prayer by Pastor Reji Samuel and benediction by Pastor John Cherian at 12:50 PM

10. Fellowship lunch was provided by Pastor V P Jose.

11. Pray for all these Pastors their spouses and their children in your daily prayers.

Grace & Peace
Alexander Thomas