MPF Report 29

Ministers Prayer Fellowship (MPF) Report

29th MPF was held on Saturday April 13, 2024, 11:00 AM at the Calvary Assembly
Church of God, Sugar Hill, GA 30518.

The following pastors/spouses/family were Present.
1. Pastor Shibu Thomas
2. Pastor C V Andrews
3. Pastor Alexander Thomas
4. Pastor Baiju Thevatheril
5. Pastor Thampi Mathew
6. Pastor Cherian C Daniel
7. Pastor Gulshan Rai
8. Pastor Anil Balachandran
9. Pastor John Billa
10. Pastor Dani David
11. Evg Johan Jeson
12 Pastor Tony Thomas

1. Ministers Prayer Fellowship opened with introduction, report and word of encouragement for Unity from Philippians 4: 1-11 by Pastor Baiju Thevatheril @11.15 AM.

2. Introductory Prayer by Pastor Cherian Daniel.

3. Calvary Assembly COG Choir led in Praise and Worship.

4. Pastor Tony Thomas led the congregational reading of Psalms 24 and prayed.

5. General comments and Praise report/Prayer request was shared by different pastors.

6. A small testimony was given by Sis. Binu Thevatheril about her recovery from Cancer

7. Pastor Shibu Thomas led the consolidated prayer time for the Prayer requests and Praise reports.

8. Pastor Alexander Thomas encouraged the Fellowship from Exodus 34: 1 – 4 with a challenge to the ministers as there’s more work to do, to be encouraged in the midst of discouragement and to be in the Presence of the Lord seeking His face early in the morning.

9. Closing song was led by Calvary Assembly COG Choir.

10. MPF concluded with Prayer and benediction by Pastor C V Andrews at 12.45 PM

11. Next Ministers Prayer Fellowship is planned for Saturday, October 19, 2024 @11 AM at Georgia Christian Assembly, Roswell, GA where Pastor Baiju Thevatheril is the Lead Pastor.

12. Fellowship Lunch was provided by Calvary Assembly COG church.

Pray for all the Ministers of MPF, their spouses and their children in your daily prayers.

Pastor Baiju Thevatheril

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